About Us

About Us

Ascent Corporation was built to do digital marketing the right way. That means doing business with honesty and integrity. We are focused on providing best-in-class digital marketing for SMBs.
No matter the size of a client, we deliver marketing solutions that focus on the metrics and results that matter most for performance and profitability. We do it with a unique team that combines an entrepreneurial mindset, a knack for creative solutions, and unmatched analytic capability. The end result is a forward-thinking team that helps companies achieve a brighter future



At Ascent Corporation, we believe that we need to passionate about our clients businesses, and products and treat them as though they were our own. This then sparks creativity, and innovation as we bring more ideas in the ideation, implementation and delivery of these products


At Ascent Corporation, we are committed to going all the way in ensuring our clients get value from what we helped them build, as every extra touch counts.


At Ascent Corporation, ownership is bred at the heart of each team member to understand what value they are meant to add at each piece of the puzzle, and how to help our clients get the most out of the what we do.


We believe in listening to our clients extensively, and putting ourselves in their shoes, to understand their pain points. This helps us unlock our creative juices to come up with ideas that help our clients.

People First

We believe that business is all about the people in it, and that without putting people first, nothing can get done.


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